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For Kids: 17th Sunday after Pentecost (Lectionary 25, Year B )


("Whoever wants to be first must be last of all and servant of all", Mark 9:35)

"Jesus loves the little children" from The Chosen

  • Who is an important person (president, king, etc.)? — We consider those people as "the first" and us as second to them or "last".

  • Jesus doesn’t care about who is important in this world; what He cares about most is who helps others. / God does not care about who is important or rich or who is the oldest or the smartest — what He does care about is our goodness!

  • Concept of “winning” — Who likes to win at stuff?

  • He wants you to win at “serving/helping others” — because what He cares most about is our goodness!

  • Examples of serving/helping? — Examples: letting others go first or have a turn, saying nice things to others, etc. — "putting others first, putting yourself last"

  • -> “If you want to be first, you must be last” = If you want Jesus to look at you as a winner (as the first), you must show others that they are actually more important than you. That is really difficult sometimes, but that is what God cares about the most — our goodness.

  • Jesus is a funny king — He never wore fine clothing and a crown, He never lived in a palace. Instead, he was born as a baby among smelly animals and He did things like washing his friends' dirty feet. Not your normal king. I like to think of Jesus' kingdom as the "upside-down kingdom" — it's all kind of different from what we think it should be like. So in Jesus' Kingdom, the first are the last and the last are the first.

  • Final summary: He doesn't care about who is important or rich or smart; those people are not necessarily going to be the winners — He cares most about our goodness, so the people who are good and help others are going be the winners.


("Servant of All" or "If anyone wants to the first, he must be very last")

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