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For Kids: 2 Epiphany

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Begin with the Apostles' Creed song, then by reading an account of Jesus' miracle at Cana from a kid's story Bible. Then, watch the following video.

The Wedding at Cana

Ask the kids if they have ever been to a wedding. What was it like? What happens at a wedding?

Answer: Weddings are a celebration of a man and a woman getting married! They are a special kind of party.

Did you know that when Jesus comes back, we'll have a wedding party too? He will throw a great party and give us wonderful food and wine. Everyone who follows Jesus will be there and it will be the best party ever!

Action for the Kids - Say: When you take Communion today and drink the wine, remember that one day we'll have a wedding party with Jesus and all the Christians who have ever lived, are living now, and will live in the future! Jesus gives us a little preview of the party each week when we take Communion and reminds us that He is with us even now!

Song for Kids - Always with Us

Children's Printable Activity Sheets & Songs

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