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For Kids: Christmas Day

Opening Song: The Apostles' Creed

Big Idea: God is with us!

Story: "Jesus the Word" | Spark Story Bible, pg. 240

Say: Does anyone know why we are called "Christians"? ... Because we believe and follow Jesus Christ. Christian has the word Christ in it! We believe that Jesus Christ was God and did tell us everything that God thought we should know about Him. Jesus shows us exactly what God is like, and He's pretty awesome! Let's watch a video to learn more about this...

Lesson — Listening to God



Song: "Go Tell It on the Mountains" (with hand motions)

Activity Sheets or Play

After the song, hand out the activity sheets. Younger children are welcome to play with the Duplos (encourage them to play out a story that fits with the lesson).

End with the Lord's Prayer when the Usher comes to let you know the prayers have started.

Ending Song: The Lord's Prayer

Children's Printable Activity Sheets & Songs

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