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For Kids: Jesus' Authority | Epiphany 4 | Year B

Opening Song: The Apostles' Creed

Today's lesson comes from the Old Testament according to the lectionary, Deuteronomy 18:15-20, and our Gospel, Mark 1:21-28

Today, we are learning about talking for God.

Story: Teaching and Healing - Spark Story Bible, p. 254

From the Story: What would it be like to have Jesus as your teacher?

Lesson Video | Prophets

Ask: Do you know what the word "Authority" means? ... If someone has authority, they have the right to tell people what they should do, make important decisions, or tell people to follow them. Can you think of some people that have authority?

Say: In the story we read, Jesus had authority over the evil spirits that were making the man sick. So, he told the spirits to go away and they had to listen. Jesus has authority. In fact, Jesus has more authority than anyone else - because He is God and King of the universe.

In our video, we learned about prophets, who were people to whom God gave authority, so they could tell others what God wanted them to do.

Now, we have the Holy Spirit living in us, right? The Holy Spirit also has authority, because the Holy Spirit is God too. When we listen to the words of the Bible, the Holy Spirit tells us to follow Jesus' way - not the ways of the world. So, we should listen to the Holy Spirit and live the way God wants us to live, right?

Action for the Kids - Say: Did you know that God gave your parents authority over you too? God wants parents to teach their children how to follow Jesus, so God tells children to "Obey your mother and father." Even mothers and fathers are supposed to obey God too, so let's sing about Jesus being the King, who was given all authority in Heaven and Earth.

Song for Kids: Jesus is the King

Activity Sheets or Play

After the song, hand out the activity sheets. Younger children are welcome to play with the Duplos (encourage them to play out a story that fits with the lesson).

End with the Lord's Prayer when the Usher comes to let you know the prayers have started.

(If you need more time)

  • Go around the room and ask the children to share something they are thankful for this week.

  • Ask them if there is anything or anyone they would like to pray for this week.

Ending Song: The Lord's Prayer

Children's Printable Activity Sheets & Songs

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