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For Kids: Resurrection Sunday (Easter)

Opening Song: The Apostles' Creed

Today, we are learning about the most important day in every church: Easter Sunday — which is today! It is the most exciting day of the year for everybody who loves Jesus. We also like to call today "Resurrection Sunday" since today is the day we celebrate when Jesus came back to life (or "He resurrected from the dead"). He died on a Friday which is what we remembered two days ago here in church; that day is called "Good Friday" and it is the day Jesus died on the cross. But today we are celebrating that He came back to life and that his tomb/grave was empty!

Story: "The Empty Tomb" | Spark Story Bible, pg. 482

Question from the story: What would you have done if you were one of the women and saw the angel in the cave?

Lesson Video: The Story of Easter (Good Friday + Easter Sunday)

A 17 minutes version of this video going through all of Holy Week can be found here >

Superbook — He is Risen!

Start at 5:00 min if you have little ones who might be scared of the Satan figure

Song for Kids: Sing for Joy

Activity Sheets or Play

After the song, hand out the activity sheets. Younger children are welcome to play with the Duplos (encourage them to play something that fits with the lesson).

End with the Lord's Prayer when the Usher comes to let you know the prayers have started.

(If you need more time)

  • Go around the room and ask the children to share something they are thankful for this week.

  • Ask them if there is anything or anyone they would like to pray for this week.

Ending Song: The Lord's Prayer

Children's Printable Activity Sheets & Songs

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