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For Kids: Lent 1 - Year C

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Opening Song: The Apostles' Creed

Today, we are learning about temptation.

Story: A Tempting Time - Whirl Storybook Bible

Lesson Video: Jesus in the Wilderness

Ask: Do you sometimes feel like doing things that are unkind or might make others feel mad or sad? Are there times when you feel like doing unkind things, but stop yourself? How does it feel when you are able to control your actions?

Say: When we feel like doing something unkind, that's called "Temptation". When we feel tempted to do something wrong, we can still stop ourselves! The problem is when we actually do unking things. Did you know that Satan does not want us to be like Jesus? He doesn't want us to love others or be kind. But Jesus is always ready to help us fight Satan and the temptation to do unkind things.

Action for the Kids - Say: When you feel like you want to do something that might not be kind this week, stop and say a prayer like this: "Jesus, help me be like you!"

Song for Kids: Resist the Devil

Activity Sheets or Play

After the song, hand out the activity sheets. Younger children are welcome to play with the Duplos (encourage them to play something that fits with the lesson).

End with the Lord's Prayer when the Usher comes to let you know the prayers have started.

Ending Song: The Lord's Prayer

Children's Printable Activity Sheets & Songs

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