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Pastor Josh and Lenten Devotional for All (Update 25 March)

Pastor Josh just received the results of his CAT scan and unfortunately he has multiple infectious abscesses from his shoulder blade, up through his shoulder and down to his wrist.  They are planning a major surgery tomorrow late morning where they will open up the entire arm and remove the abscesses. As always, please continue to keep Pr. Josh in your prayers - I know you are.  Also please pray that Karen will be allowed to be at the hospital for the surgery.  And pray for the surgeon, doctors and nurses for wisdom and guidance.

The surgery is scheduled for 11 AM on 26 March - if you feel like it, please take a moment at that time to pause for a moment and say a prayer for Pastor Josh and the Hansen family.

Lenten Devotional for All & Family Activities (below the video)

(Don't forget that you can also watch some Holden Evening Services here)

  • Make a Lenten Cross (pretty much the Lent version of the Advent wreath)

  • Make a prayer chain - write people's names on strips of paper (as many as there are days until Easter). Pray for someone specific each day until Easter.

  • Do one of these fun crafts!

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1 Comment

James, thank you for the updates on Pr Josh, the Devotionals and the family activity ideas. This is a wonderful resource to help get through these difficult times. Blessings in Christ to the Saint Luke's Community.

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