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Pastor Josh Update

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Pastor Josh and I were talking the other day and realized that it has been a long time since we’ve published any sort of update on his health. Judging by comments and texts that both of us have had we feel that this would be a good time to catch you all up to date.

First – the good news. Pastor Josh continues to heal and to get stronger every week from what was very definitely a life-threatening illness. He has been, and continues to be able to write sermons and preach the on-line sermon from a chair. He’s able to come into the office and address the needs of the congregation and of the Children’s Center a couple of times a week. He is able to attend the Zoom meetings that we are doing. Mentally and emotionally he is usually in a good place in spite of the pain he is often in.

Which brings us to the second point – the not so good news. Pastor Josh is still in a lot of pain. The doctors have told him that it will be 18 months before he can attempt any type of formal physical therapy as they don’t want to risk any sort of tear which could bring back the infection. Even then they have been very clear that he is disabled and physical therapy will only be able to bring back some movement in his arm and shoulder. Many of the muscles in his arm and almost all muscles in his shoulder are gone. All that means that there are times when he needs to take things more slowly and often rest.

Finally, I think we need to focus on the positive. Pastor Josh is alive and he accepts the fact that he will probably never have full range of motion with his arm. The good news is that we don’t need him to be able to physically lift heavy objects, we can adapt to him preaching from a chair if need be for a while, and Pastor John and Pastor Dave are willing to continue to preside at the Eucharist for the time being. Pastor Josh’s brain and mental ability is back to normal and that’s what we, here at Saint Luke’s, need the most.

Pastor Josh wants all of you to know how much he appreciates all the prayers that have been said on his behalf and would like you to continue to pray for him as he continues the long process of recovery.

Your sister in Christ, Deaconess Kathy

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