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Pastor Josh (Update 2 April)

I spoke with both Karen and Pastor Josh today. And here's the update:

Pr. Josh had surgery today. It was more involved that just flushing out the wounds. They tried to close up a few more, putting in a smaller wound vac in one. That being said he still has others open including a major one in his shoulder and at this point they don't know when they will close that one - it could be months. His next surgery will be either Saturday or Sunday when they will re-evaluate the wounds they have closed, making sure they are staying clean and perhaps close some more.

Probably the biggest update is the conversation that Pr. Josh and also Karen had with his surgeon. Pr. Josh has been in the hospital for a month (not counting the first surgery with 5 days in the hospital and the 5 days home bound). That is a long time and in the doctors' experience it becomes very difficult for patients to continue down the path of not knowing when they will get out of the hospital, not knowing what recovery looks like, not knowing how much use of his arm will return. Because no one knows those answers and we as humans want answers. It's not completely dissimilar to what all of us are experiencing in our lives today with COVID19 - just much more intense.

That was a long explanation but I think it's important that you realize that Pr. Josh, Karen and his family need your prayers now more than ever. I think it's important for you to realize the magnitude and uncertainty of the situation and respond accordingly. That means mostly prayers. It may mean a quick text just telling him you're thinking of him. He knows we are all here and he will reach out as he deems necessary but he has said many times how much the prayers mean to him. In fact, he told the surgeon, when the surgeon asked him his plan for remaining determined to heal, that he needs information from the doctors and the prayers that he's receiving from literally hundreds of people. If you have questions about this or need to talk, please feel free to call me at 719-593-0665.

Your sister in Christ, Deaconess Kathy

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