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VBS Day 1 - Joseph

Theme Song

Rhyme Time with Mr. James

Lesson + Memory Verse

Joseph's brothers were very mean to Joseph. They threw him into a pit and made sure that he would be brought to a country far away from home. Once there, Joseph even had to spend a long time in prison even though he didn't do anything wrong. But God used the evil that was done to Joseph and used it for good — he used Joseph being in this far away country to feed a lot of people during a time where there was barely any food around. Joseph's family ended up coming to the far away country where they had a good life. The Bible says that Joseph's brothers meant evil against Joseph, but that God used it for something good to happen. Sometimes, God does that!

Genesis 50:20 — "They meant evil against him; but God meant it for good..."

Memory Tip: "This Little Light of Mine" melody (without the "let it shine, let it shine, let it shine" part — unless maybe for the older kids who could sing that part with "Genesis -- Chapter 50 -- Verse 20").




Today's snack is fruit loops and little marshmallows!

Why? — Because the fruit loops remind us of Joseph's colorful coat as well as the grain from his dream; the marshmallows remind us of the stars from Joseph's other dream.

Song Recap

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