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VBS Day 1 — Manna in the Desert

Theme Song

Intro with Diddl & Diddlina

Lesson Videos


- Who do we have in this story? (God's people)

- What is it that the people need? (Food (and water))

- Does God give it to them? (Yes)

- Do you remember how God gave them food and water? (Manna (white flakes appearing on the ground) + water from rock)

God gave His people everything they needed. Jesus tells us to trust God that He will give us what we need, too.

Memory Verse

Our story today shows how God took care of His people in the desert when they were hungry and thirsty and there was no food around. God made water come from a rock and God made food appear on the ground every day. God took care of their "bare necessities". Jesus tells us that God takes care of us, too. Jesus says: "Don't worry about having something to eat, drink, or wear" — because God takes care of you.

Matthew 6:25 — [Jesus says:] "Don't worry about having something to eat, drink, or wear" [because God takes care of you].

Memory Tip: Use some hand motions along with the words.


"Don't worry" = shake your head and your index finger (as if saying "no")

"eat" = eating motion

"drink" = drinking motion

"wear" = point out your clothes

"He" = point up

"takes care" = hug yourself

"you" = point at another person or yourself


Manna Song


Today's snack is Oyster crackers!

Why? — Because it reminds us of the manna, the food from Heaven that God sent to His people; people imagine it to have looked somewhat like these Oyster crackers.

Closing Song

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