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VBS Day 1 — The Hidden Treasure

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Opening Song

Find the lyrics here: GoogleDrive

Intro to this year's VBS Kingdom theme with

Mr. James & Diddl & Diddlina

Intro with Diddl & Diddlina

Lesson Videos


- Who do we have in our story today? (A man)

- The man finds something in a field — what is it? (A treasure)

- What does the man do with the treasure after he finds it? (He buries it again, so no one else can find it.)

- What does the man do in order to keep the treasure? (He sells everything he has, so he can buy the field where the treasure is buried so that he can keep the treasure.)

Loving Jesus and being loved by Jesus is like that treasure — it's more important and more precious than everything else we could have (more important than all of our toys, more important than having a house or a car, and even more important than having family and friends).

Jesus' Upside Down Kingdom is a treasure!

Memory Lines

This is meant to be a shout-back-and-forth between the leader and the children

that helps the children understand our VBS kingdom theme this year:

Who is our King? — Jesus!

Where is His Kingdom? — Inside us!

What does our King want us to do? — Love God and love others!



Today's snack is round crackers and cheese! ( + water)

Why? — Because it reminds us a little bit of what gold looks like, just like in a

treasure box; just like the treasure in our story today!

Closing Song

Find the lyrics here: GoogleDrive

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