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VBS Day 2 - Moses

Theme Song

Rhyme Time with Mrs. Doro

Lesson + Memory Verse

The Egyptians were not kind to God's people. God saw that and felt sorry for His people and decided to free them, He decided to get them out of there. Once the people were finally free, God told them to be different from the Egyptians and to be kind to other people instead. And God wants us to do the same, too! God says:

Ephesians 4:32 — "Be kind to each other..."




Today's snack is watermelon!

Why? — Because watermelons contain a lot of water and so it reminds us of the sea that the people walked through. In addition to that, that sea that they walked through is called the "Red Sea", so the red color of the watermelon reminds us of the name of that sea.

Song Recap

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