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VBS Day 2 — The Lost Sheep

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Opening Song

Find the lyrics here: GoogleDrive

Intro with Diddl & Diddlina

Lesson Videos


- Who do we have in our story today? (A man)

- The man loses something — what is it? (One of his sheep)

- What does the man do when he notices that one of his sheep ran away? (He goes and looks for it until he finds it)

God is like that shepherd in the story and we are like His sheep. God loves every single one of us and He wants every single one of us to love Him back. Not loving God is like being that sheep that ran away in our story. And God is like that loving shepherd who still goes looking for that one sheep that ran away even though he has lots of other sheep. God loves every single one of us and wants all of us to be close to Him.

In Jesus' Upside Down Kingdom, every single person is important!

Memory Lines

This is meant to be a shout-back-and-forth between the leader and the children

that helps the children understand our VBS kingdom theme this year:

Who is our King? — Jesus!

Where is His Kingdom? — Inside us!

What does our King want us to do? — Love God and love others!



Today's snack is animal crackers and cottage cheese! ( + water)

Why? — Because it reminds us of the sheep in our story today. While you eat, see whether you can find some sheep in the ones you got! The cottage cheese reminds us of the fluffy white wool. And we are drinking water today, because that is what sheep drink, too!

Closing Song

Find the lyrics here: GoogleDrive

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