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VBS Day 4 - Jesus

Theme Song

Rhyme Time with Mrs. Doro

Lesson + Memory Verse

Jesus says to "follow Him" — what He means by that is that He wants us to do what He did when He lived on Earth: to love God and to love other people. That is the only way we can live with Him forever when He comes back and makes everything new and perfect.

Matthew 16:24 + John 14:6 — "Jesus says, 'Follow me... I am the Way'."

Memory Tip: Use some hand motions along with the words (make up your own or use ASL). I would definitely skip the verse references with this one.




Today's snack is cheese and crackers!

Why? — Because the crackers are kind of like a little bread; and Jesus often said that He is the "Bread of Life". What He meant by that is that we need Him as much as we need food to eat — and bread is a very popular, basic food that everybody in the world eats, so that's why He chose the word "bread".

Song Recap

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