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VBS Day 4 — Saint Martin

Theme Song

Intro with Diddl & Diddlina

Lesson Videos

We recommend to only watch this first video until 2:30 min:


- Who was in our story today? There were two men. And do you remember the one man’s name?

(A poor man and a man on a horse called Martin)

- What was it that the poor man needed? (Something to warm him)

- What did Martin do to help? (Cut his cloak in half with his sword and gave half of it to the poor man)

Jesus wants us to help other people, too. He even says that when we help other people, we somehow helped Jesus Himself, because He made everybody and loves everybody and lives inside so many people. God often helps people through other people — like you and me!

Memory Verse

In our story today, there was a homeless man who was freezing in the Winter cold. He did not have a coat to warm him. But then a man called Martin came, who loved God, and he helped the man by cutting his own warming cloak in half and giving one half to the homeless man so that he could be warm, too. God provided the "bare necessities" for the poor man through Saint Martin. A lot of the time, God helps us by using other people around us; just like God helped the poor man through Martin.

Psalm 54:4 — "You will help me, [...] God"

Memory Tip: "Row Row Row Your Boat" melody.

For the older kids, you could include the verse reference if you want (otherwise just sing another "you will help me, God"):

You will help me, God -- You will help me, God -- You will help me God, Psalm 54 verse 4.


You will help me, God -- You will help me, God -- You will help me God, you will help me God.


Saint Martin Song


Today's snack is graham crackers and red juice!

Why? — Because they remind us of Saint Martin's red cloak: we can break the Graham crackers into two pieces just like Martin cut his cloak in half. The color of the red juice reminds us of the color of Martin's cloak.

Closing Song

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