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VBS Day 5 - Paul

Theme Song

Rhyme Time with Mr. James

Lesson + Memory Verse

Paul went a lot of places to tell other people the good news about Jesus being alive and being the world's King. And he even was in a lot of danger because of it! What part of our bodies take us from one place to another? Our feet! There is a verse in the Bible that talks about how great it is when someone's feet take them somewhere to tell others about Jesus. It goes like this:

Romans 10:15 — "Beautiful are the feet of people who tell others the good news!"

Memory Tip: "Row Row Row Your Boat" melody: 'Beautiful are the -- feet of people who -- tell others the good news, Romans 10:15.'




Today's snack is cheese sticks and pretzel sticks!

Why? — Because they kind of look a little bit like snakes and we had snakes in our Bible story today; snakes were one of the crazy things that Paul had to face when he was traveling all over the place to share the good news about Jesus with people.

Song Recap

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