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VBS Day 5 — The Prodigal Son

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Opening Song

Find the lyrics here: GoogleDrive

Intro with Diddl & Diddlina

Lesson Videos


- Who do we have in our story today? (A father/dad and his two sons)

- What does the younger brother do? (He asks his dad for a lot of money, leaves, and spends it all)

- What happens when the son runs out of money? How does he feel about what

he did? (He feels terrible; he is hungry and wants to eat the pigs' food; he wants to go back home)

- How does his dad react when he gets back home — does he yell at his son for

having made so many bad choices? (No, he runs to him and hugs and kisses him; he

throws him a welcome party)

Sometimes, we make bad choices, just like the younger son made bad choices in our story. And God gets sad when we do. But God also gets so, so happy — just like the dad in our story — when we are sorry and make good choices! God loves to forgive us when we make bad choices and are sorry for what we did, just like the dad in our story forgave his son for spending all of his money.

This story also reminds us to be as forgiving with other people as God is forgiving with us. So when your friend or brother or sister make bad choices that hurt you or your feelings, but they feel sorry for what they did and they ask you to forgive them, then you should be like God and forgive. God forgives us all the bad things we do, so we should do the same!

In Jesus' Upside Down Kingdom, there is always forgiveness. Always!

Memory Lines

This is meant to be a shout-back-and-forth between the leader and the children

that helps the children understand our VBS kingdom theme this year:

Who is our King? — Jesus!

Where is His Kingdom? — Inside us!

What does our King want us to do? — Love God and love others!



Today's snack is Chex Mix! ( + water)

Why? — Because it reminds us a little bit of what the pig food in our story could have looked like ... just that this is actually yummy!

Closing Song

Find the lyrics here: GoogleDrive

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