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6th - 12th Grade

Youth Group


6:30 pm -

8:00 pm

Youth Group is for all youth, 6th through 12th grade, and happens at 6:30 pm on Wednesday evenings (5:30 during Advent and Lent). We study various topics and passages from the Bible and examine how to approach other issues in life from a Christian perspective. Most importantly, we learn how to turn our belief into faithful action.  

Coffee at Pikes Perk


9:30 am -

10:10 am

between services

All middle and high school youth are invited for tea, coffee, hot chocolate, Italian sodas, and fellowship at Pikes Perk (located off of Vickers and Academy). 

Meet in the atrium to carpool. 



5:30 pm - 

6:30 pm

Confirmation is for all youth, 6th through 9th grade (or older if not yet confirmed). They meet with Pastor Josh at 5:30 pm on Wednesday evenings. This year they are using the book A Liturgical Catechism. By looking at the liturgy of our worship service, they will learn about Baptism and the Creeds this Autumn, and the Lord's Prayer, prayer in general, and Holy Communion in the Spring. If you have any questions about confirmation please contact Pastor Josh or Deaconess Kathy. 

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