Task Force for
Mission Support

This group determines how our benevolence dollars are spent. They work hard researching the many good organizations that are in our community and world. They also have planned and implemented ways in which we could become more involved with these agencies by distributing information and asking various representatives of the organizations come a speak at our Sunday morning Adult Class.

Food Pantry

Located inside the front Atrium doors is a hamper in which members place non-perishable food items and toiletries. We keep a supply of food here at the church for those times that the pastor knows of someone in need. The rest of these items are taken to Mercy’s Gate – an organization that reaches people and families in northern Colorado Springs and is one of our partners in ministry.

Lutheran Family Services

One of our mission partners, Lutheran Family Services, has many events to benefit those in need. The Inn Keeper Dinner and Lutheran Refugee gatherings are a few events that are planned, organized, and attended by several of our members. There are also many opportunities to donate needed items such as blankets, pillows and other household goods for those less fortunate. Another way we endeavored to support LFS and their ministries is to help them host the Lutheran Refugee Christmas Party and World Refugee Day.