What to Expect

(During non-Covid times)

Our liturgical services offer an opportunity to worship Jesus, our King, with mind, body, and spirit together as a community. Each service is liturgical, but Feast Days are specially recognized with a procession.

The sacrament of the Eucharist is celebrated every week. Any baptized Christian who believes in the true presence of Jesus Christ is welcome to partake in this beautiful mystery. The participation of children in the Eucharist is up to their parents.

We offer nursery for young children.


Children 2nd grade and under are welcome to attend Children's Church before the Scripture readings and return at the Sharing of the Peace.

We sing hymns during the service, which are accompanied by the organ (and piano on special occasions).

You'll see some people in suits and some people in casual attire. Most wear something in-between. 

An average service is slightly over an hour.

The Liturgy
Part I

Confession & Forgiveness


The Greeting 

The Kyrie

Hymn of Praise

The Collect

Part II

The Scripture Readings



The Creed

The Prayers

Part III

Sharing of the Peace

The Offering

The Great Thanksgiving

The Sanctus

Eucharistic Prayer

The Lord's Prayer

The Agnus Dei

The Eucharist

Part IV

Post-Communion Canticle

Post-Communion Blessing

The Benediction


The Sending