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Video Service & Pastor Josh (Update 18 March)

Pastor Josh Wednesday Update:

As Karen indicated yesterday, medically things are going in the correct direction. Yesterday I had my fifth surgery to again wash out the bacterial wound and this time begin to close it up as well meaning that they removed the wound vac and are allowing for natural healing. On the good news front, they found that one of my drains in my arm was clogged, so when they unclogged it my wrists and hand drained and for the first time in 3 weeks are not swollen.

In terms of prayers, I would ask for prayers of endurance. I am still in a lot of pain. And I know that this is wearing me down. Karen is also in need of prayers for endurance. She's trying to home school the kids and s at the same time is taking care of me. The pandemic sure has not helped this whole situation. However, I don't want to appear like I am complaining. As my surgeon told me yesterday, I have my life and I have my arm, and those are two things that were not certain just a week ago. So thank you for your continued prayers, and be safe as you stay home in the midst of this global health crisis.

In Christ,


Update for the congregation:

We are taping music, lessons and sermon for this Sunday, hopefully on Friday afternoon. It will be put up on the website for you watch. Please send me a quick email if you found this helpful and would like to continue.

We have had a couple of people volunteer to help those who might feel they are at risk for leaving their home. They would be happy to run errands or pick something up at the store. Please let me know if you need help - Deaconess Kathy at 719-598-4397 or 719-593-0665.

At this point the Children's Center remains open. While this would be our preference it is also the recommendation of the Health Department as well.

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