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For Kids: The Road to Emmaus | Easter 3 | Year A

Opening Song: The Apostles' Creed

Big Idea: Jesus wants to help us see Him.

Story: "The Road to Emmaus" | Spark Story Bible, pg. 488

Ask: If you saw Jesus walking down the road, who would you tell?

Say: Let us watch this video and see the story another way:

Lesson Video | The Road to Emmaus

Ask: Why do you think God kept the disciples from seeing who Jesus was? (No correct answer)

Why do you think Jesus waited to reveal Himself to the disciples until they were eating?

Why do you think Jesus disappeared when the disciples finally saw who He was?

If a stranger was with you and then you realized that they were Jesus, what would you do? How would you act?

Say: When we help strangers in need, Jesus says that we are actually helping Him. The disciples didn't know they were walking with Jesus, but they listened to Him, they invited Him to stay with them, then they shared food with Him. We should remember that when we help others, we serve Jesus without always thinking about it. When we don't help others, Jesus says we didn't help Him. Let's be like the disciples on the road and offer kindness and help to those who might need it. Let's also listen to Jesus' teachings and that the entire Bible is really about Jesus!

So, let's now sing a song about Jesus...

Song for Kids: The Jesus Song

Activity Sheets or Play

After the song, hand out the activity sheets. Younger children are welcome to play with the Duplos (encourage them to play out a story that fits with the lesson).

End with the Lord's Prayer when the Usher comes to let you know the prayers have started.

(If you need more time)

  • Go around the room and ask the children to share something they are thankful for this week.

  • Ask them if there is anything or anyone they would like to pray for this week.

Ending Song: The Lord's Prayer

Children's Printable Activity Sheets & Songs

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