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VBS Day 3 — The Two Sons

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Opening Song

Find the lyrics here: GoogleDrive

Intro with Diddl & Diddlina

Lesson Videos


- Who do we have in our story today? (A father/dad and his two sons)

- What does the dad ask his sons to do? (To help him)

- What does the first brother say? (No, I will not help you)

- What does the other brother say? (Yes, I will help you)

- Who ended up actually helping the dad? Which brother obeyed? Was it the one

who said he was going to help or the one who said he was not going to help? (The one who said he was not going to help)

Jesus says that what we do is more important than what we say. Good actions are more important than good words. If we say good words (like the brother who said he was going to help), but then don't have good actions to go along with the words (like actually helping after we said we would), then our good words don't really mean anything. Even though the first brother said at first that he was not going to help, he ended up obeying his dad after all. So let's be like that brother who obeyed his dad. Let us listen to what Jesus teaches us and actually DO it! And what is it that Jesus wants us to do? He wants us to love God and to love other people! So let us not be like the second brother and SAY that we love God and other people, but let us be like the first brother and actually DO it!

In Jesus' Upside Down Kingdom, good words aren't good enough — it matters what we do!

Memory Lines

This is meant to be a shout-back-and-forth between the leader and the children

that helps the children understand our VBS kingdom theme this year:

Who is our King? — Jesus!

Where is His Kingdom? — Inside us!

What does our King want us to do? — Love God and love others!



Today's snack is grapes! ( + milk)

Why? — Because it reminds us of the vineyard in our story today (a vineyard is

basically a grape farm) where the dad asked the two sons to help him.

Closing Song

Find the lyrics here: GoogleDrive

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